Education and our Community

Find educational resources and what seminars are being offered in your area. There are many FREE sessions on budgeting, saving, and more (and you don't have to be a member to attend).

Don't forget to read up on news about the local communities we serve. From signature events to fundraisers, our community involvement is changing lives every day!

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Stephanie Hadcock, Why I Care Member Recipient

For Stephanie Hadcock volunteering has always been part of who she is.

Chris McNeil, Employee Recipient

Most members know Chris McNeil as the Member Service Leader of SEFCU’s Amsterdam branch, but you may not know he is also skilled with using power tools and he’s been putting those skills to good use helping to renovate a number of spaces at non-profits throughout the areas SEFCU

Mark Yonally, Why I Care Member Recipient

From a young age Mark Yonally learned the importance of giving back.

Andy Stadel, Why I Care Employee Recipient

After Hurricane Sandy ravaged New York City in 2012, SEFCU employee volunteers boarded a bus to help with cleanup efforts.

The local communities that our members call home are the heart and soul of SEFCU. We've dedicated ourselves and our resources to helping your community grow and thrive. At SEFCU, we back our community spirit with active support for the local causes and initiatives that matter to our members. Here you can learn more about SEFCU's community spirit - and how it makes an impact every single day for our members and their communities.

Albert Roman, Jr

As a retired United States Marine, determination and dedication are a few words you could use to describe Albert Roman, Jr., affectionately called Vinny by his friends and family.

Ramon Morales, Employee Recipient

After moving to the Buffalo area more than 25 years ago, Ramon met a co-worker named Marylou Borowiak (who happens to be a former Why I Care recipient).

Steve Oliver, Member Recipient

When Steve Oliver joined the Navy in 1980 he pledged to serve and honor his country. While he is no longer considered active military, he still plays a major role in his community, recently retiring so he could pursue his passion of helping veterans full time.

Kirsten LeBlanc, Why I Care Employee Recipient

If dedication to the community could be measured in miles, SEFCU’s Contracts Administrator, Kirsten LeBlanc, would certainly be at the top of the list.

Timothy Stowell, Why I Care Employee Recipient

At the age of six, Tim’s son Ben was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of childhood cancer.