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You asked. We listened. We acted.

Whether you are a fan of online banking via a desktop or you’re an avid user of the SEFCU mobile app, we’re committed to improving your digital banking experience. You deserve the best options for managing your finances quickly and conveniently, wherever and whenever you want. We’ve listened to your suggestions and are pleased to announce that this month we are introducing a new mobile app and online banking experience designed with you in mind.

This new digital banking experience will continue to have the same features and functionality that you use today, plus new tools and services designed to make it easier for you to access and manage your money — anytime, anywhere. As always, our goal is to provide our members and small-businesses with the most convenient online and mobile experience.

When the New Digital Banking Experience launches, you will be able to reach a representative around the clock!

  • Mobile app/online banking chat 24/7
  • By phone at 1-877-820-2370: Monday – Friday 6 a.m. 9 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

In the meantime, please continue to use SEFCU’s Mobile app and online banking to manage your accounts, check balances, deposit checks, and more.


New Digital Banking Coming Soon

What to Expect with SEFCU's New Digital Banking Experience

What is new and what is changing?

Digital Banking Experience: New Features

You’re Free To: Skip the Line

You’re Free To: Wine Dine and Bank Online

You’re Free To: Call Family Instead of your Financial Institution

How To: Reset Your Password

How To: Text Banking

Viewing and Setting Up Snapshot


Important Dates

As we work to make the New Digital Banking Experience available for members, there will be a short period of time when some services are unavailable. Below is a list of important dates when services will be interrupted.

Here are the important dates that you need to know:



External Loan Payments. If you have existing scheduled payments set up, those payments will continue to process during this time, but you will not be able to make changes to payments or set up new payments from external accounts. 


Scheduled Transfers. Already scheduled transfers will process as usual, but you will not be able to make changes or set up new ones until the new system launches.


Secure Email will be unavailable. You can still reach our Member Solutions Center by phone. 


Bill Pay, Popmoney®, and Transfer Funds. For current Bill Pay users, existing payments will process as scheduled during this time. Bill Pay for current users will be unavailable beginning October 17 and will become available later that week. Bill Pay will be free in the New Digital Banking Experience and current Bill Pay users will see all of their bills, payments, and settings upon logging into Bill Pay.


SMS Text Banking will be unavailable.


SEFCU's New Digital Banking experience is available! On Launch Day, If you already enrolled, use the password you already set up. If you haven't enrolled, read the Account Access FAQs below.  

New Features

  • Free Bill Pay
  • Access your credit report and score, and take advantage of credit monitoring and other resources with Credit Journey
  • Real-time external transfer options
  • Additional real-time alerts
  • Personalized loan offers 
  • Transaction categorization and spend analytics
  • Assess your financial wellness and set savings goals
  • Call, chat, or video chat with a representative 
  • Self-serve help content
  • Card Management (formerly called Card Controls) now available on desktop, too 
  • Transfer Funds, Popmoney®, and linked external accounts now available in the Mobile app, too 
  • Improved transaction descriptions and search filters
  • Personalize your online/mobile experience

Actions Needed

Action needed

Some things will not transfer over to the new platform automatically, and you will need to set them up manually:

  • Password (if you have not pre-enrolled in the New Digital Banking Experience)
  • Enable your mobile phone for text alerts, notifications, and/or Text Banking
  • Any account alerts and notifications
  • Any Card Management (formerly called Card Controls) alerts
  • Any linked external accounts for viewing in your Accounts widget

No action needed

What automatically carries over:

  • Username
  • SEFCU accounts and balances
  • Transaction history
  • Pending transactions
  • Bill Pay user preferences (billers, recurring bills, eBills)
  • Scheduled SEFCU transfers & loan payments
  • Profile user preferences (contact info, account nicknames)
  • Transaction restrictions you set up in Card Management (formerly called Card Controls)
  • eStatements user preferences and history
  • External accounts for SEFCU loan payments, Transfer Funds, and Popmoney®
  • EZCard user preferences and alerts
  • Credit Card Reward (Preferred Points) balances and history

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Q. Will my current Account Alerts carry over with the upgrade?
    A. Alerts will not carry over. We recommend you review and make note of your current alerts so that you can set them up within the new platform once it is available.
  • Q. What alerts can I set up for my accounts?
    A. The following alerts can be set up for your deposit accounts:
    • Deposit and withdrawal activity
    • Balance changes
    • Balance summary
    • Cleared checks
    • Debit Card purchases (checking accounts only)
    • Insufficient funds
    • Transactions
    • Transaction descriptions

    You can also set alerts for your Savings Goals, Remote Check Deposit Activity, Transfer Activity, and Login Activity!


  • Q. Why are debit transaction descriptions different than before?
    A. For debit card purchases, transaction descriptions are simplified so the merchant name is more easily recognizable to assist you in monitoring purchases and spotting fraudulent transactions.
  • Q. I used to be able to view my account balances without signing in, why is this feature not available anymore?
    A. This feature is no longer available via iPhone/Android platforms, however there is a new feature called Snapshot that is available with our new Mobile app. If enabled, Snapshot allows you to view the balances and recent transaction history of any accounts you’d like to see. You can view Snapshot on the login screen of your app anytime without signing in.
  • Q. How do I set up Snapshot?
    A. To set up Snapshot, log into your account on the Mobile app. Then, go to Settings > Snapshot and enable the feature. Next, you can enable the accounts you’d like to view in Snapshot by toggling the appropriate accounts on.
  • Q. Why are my closed accounts visible?
    A. Previously you had hidden closed accounts so they were not visible. If you do not wish to view these accounts on the new platform, you will need to re-hide them. You have two options to hide these accounts.
    1. On the dashboard: if you hide them on the dashboard you will no longer see them on the dashboard.
    2. On the Accounts screen: If you hide an account at the account level it will no longer show in the app/online banking.



  • Q. Will my Bill Pay transactions and billers need to be set up again?
    A. No. While the appearance of the Mobile app and online banking will change slightly, all billers, accounts, and scheduled payments will be carried over to the New Digital Banking Experience.
  • Q. How do I access Bill Pay?
    A. From your Dashboard, select the “Bill Pay” widget (you may need to click More to find Bill Pay, depending on how you have personalized your dashboard).
  • Q. Will I have to setup eBills again?
    A. Members currently enrolled in eBills will not be required to setup eBills in the new platform. An eBill (electronic bill) is an electronic version of a paper bill which can be viewed and paid via the Bill Pay widget (icon). eBills are only compatible with companies that have been designated as an eBill provider (Verizon Wireless, Discover, Home Depot, etc.).
  • Q: I want to register for Bill Pay but do not see the option in online banking.
    A: Beginning October 11, Bill Pay registration will be temporarily suspended to prepare for the launch of our new digital banking platform. Once the new platform launches, you will be able to log in and register for Bill Pay. Great news – our new digital banking platform offers Bill Pay for free to all members!

CARD MANAGEMENT (Previously Card Controls)


  • Q. What can I do within this widget?
    A. This widget gives you the ability to order new checks and place a stop payment on a single check or range of checks (applicable fees apply).
  • Q. Why did I receive an error message when placing a check order?
    A. If you haven’t placed a Harland Clarke check order through SEFCU in the last two years you will receive the following error when you click the “Order Checks” button: “We’ve located your routing number, but don’t recognize your account number.” If you receive this error, please start a chat or call the Member Solutions Center to order checks. After this order, you will be able to complete your own orders via online banking moving forward.





  • Q. What features does the Financial Wellness widget offer?
    A. Within the Financial Wellness widget, you can track your spending, set savings goals, categorize your purchases and payments, and assess your financial health using free tools and resources.
  • Q. What if a transaction is categorized incorrectly?
    A. You can change the category assigned to the transaction to best fit the purpose of the transaction. To change the category, locate the transaction and click the currently assigned category name underneath it. A slide out will open that allows you to change the category and indicate if you want the new category to apply to all future transactions from that merchant or not.





  • Q. Does the New Digital Banking Experience offer new features/benefits?
    A. There are a number of new benefits that members can enjoy with the New Digital Banking Experience.
    • Free Bill Pay
    • Enhanced Remote Deposit experience
    • View your credit score, get tips to improve your credit score and financial health
    • More convenient ways to get help and to contact SEFCU for further assistance
    • New options to customize your navigation and platform appearance
    • More real-time transfer options
    • Set and track savings goals and monitor your spending trends
  • Q. What is the new feature called that will provide access to my credit score?
    A. Credit Journey (powered by Savvy Money) is a new, free service available to members who use the Mobile app or online banking. This service provides:
    • Current and previous credit scores
    • Credit worthiness rating
    • Credit utilization stats
    • Number of recent credit inquiries
    • Recommended actions to improve your credit score

    Visit the Credit Journey FAQ section to learn more.
  • Q. What are widgets?
    A. Widgets are the tiles to the left-hand side (for desktop users) or bottom (for mobile users) of your screen that are titled with different services and functions of the new online banking platform.
  • Q. What if I want to change the widgets on my home screen?
    A. Great news, you can customize the widgets that appear on your dashboard! Go to the Widget Options to favorite and reorder all available widgets. Favoriting a widget will display it on your dashboard.



  • Q. What can I apply for in Quick Apply?
    A. Apply for an auto loan, credit card, personal loan or line of credit, or Home Equity using our Quick Apply tool. You can now also apply for a new deposit account (Savings, checking, or share certificate) using this widget.
  • Q. What is in the My Offers widget?
    A. Within My Offers, you will find personalized loan offers and rates that you can click to accept or apply for.



  • Q. What is the New Digital Banking Experience?
    A. This is our new and improved platform for online banking and the Mobile app. You will have access to the same great features and services you’ve come to love, with the addition of greater functionality, more reliability, and new services that will further improve your experience.
  • Q. Why are these changes being made?"
    A. SEFCU strives to offer new and improved services to our members whenever possible. While you will still have the same features you use frequently, we are introducing new features to our online banking platforms that will better serve you from wherever you are banking!