DIAL Automated Teller

Banking really is a phone call away when you bank by phone with DIAL, SEFCU's automated teller. Access your accounts anytime and anywhere.

Banking From any Touchtone Phone

DIAL, SEFCU's automated teller, lets you access your accounts from any touchtone phone by calling 518-452-2874 or 800-733-2848.

DIAL is quick and easy to use. Our automated teller will guide you through the system and help you with transfers or withdrawals, Line of Credit advances, loan payments, balance inquiries, and more. Your transactions are in real time and recorded on your monthly statement.*

To enroll in DIAL, visit any SEFCU branch or contact our Member Solutions Center at 800-727-3328. If you are already enrolled in DIAL but need help with your password, contact the Member Solutions Center or send a real-time secure email to SEFCU's Live Help via SEFCU OnLine.

DIAL Instructions

  • Call 518-452-2874 or 800-733-2848. Touchtone, rotary/pulse, or rotary dial phones equipped with a touchtone converter can be used to access the system.
  • When prompted, enter your account number followed by the pound (#) sign.
  • Enter your personal identification number (PIN), followed by the # sign. This is the confidential four-digit number selected at the time of application. If you wish to change your PIN, simply select "Other Services" from the main menu and follow the prompts.
  • Choose the transaction you want. DIAL will then give you additional instructions.

NOTE: Entries no longer need to be followed by the # sign unless specifically prompted.

DIAL transactions* are "real time" and can be verified immediately through the DIAL system by doing a balance inquiry.

Numeric digits are required to differentiate between loan and deposit share (ie S=7, L=5). Use "0" to indicate a point for a subshare (ie S14.1 = 71401).

Download SEFCU's DIAL Guide.

* Some mortgage transactions may not be recorded immediately.