Kirsten LeBlanc, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Kirsten LeBlanc, Why I Care Employee Recipient

If dedication to the community could be measured in miles, SEFCU’s Contracts Administrator, Kirsten LeBlanc, would certainly be at the top of the list. An avid runner, Kirsten has volunteered for and participated in 5k and 10k races as well as half marathons to raise money and awareness for breast cancer, humane societies, homeless shelters, and memorial events. But her dedication doesn’t stop there.

As a young child, Kirsten’s uncle used to gather the family for “annual town clean up day” where she and her cousins spent a day picking up trash on the trails. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she asked the town clerk when “annual town clean up day” was and realized it was a day her uncle, not the town, had coordinated with his family. That’s when she realized what a difference we could make if everyone pitched in.

Now, as an adult, Kirsten continues to give back. She recalls a time recently while volunteering to shop for gifts for families during the holiday season the cashier realized she worked for SEFCU and asked if all of these gifts were being donated. When Kirsten answered that they were, the cashier said “SEFCU made our Christmas the year our house burned down and I will be forever grateful.”

“Once you start giving back you want to do more, and then others want to join you. Soon what starts as an event here or there becomes annual family commitments,” said Kirsten.

In addition to participating in a number of different runs to support various non-profits, Kirsten is also a reading mentor at Arbor Hill Elementary School and has participated in the Holiday Hunger Appeal for the Regional Food Bank.