Albert Roman, Jr., Why I Care Member Recipient

Albert Roman, Jr

As a retired United States Marine, determination and dedication are a few words you could use to describe Albert Roman, Jr., affectionately called Vinny by his friends and family. When he joined the military right out of high school he made a vow not to become another statistic and since then has made an impact in our community.


Each holiday season the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots train travels throughout New York State, providing gifts, coats, and blankets for children and families. Vinny remembers his first time on the train and the expression on a young child’s face after handing him a toy and a warm winter coat. It was then that he knew he was doing the right thing and that he could make a difference by showing kids there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.


Vinny has served as the Capital Region’s Toys for Tots coordinator for the past nine years. Each year he sets a goal to collect and distribute more toys and coats than he did the previous year. Through Vinny’s efforts more than 160,000 children have received more than 3.2 million toys.


In addition to Toys for Tots, Vinny also volunteers for United Military Affairs Council, the American Red Cross, Scotia baseball, and the Center for Economic Growth.