Smart Sense Savings


A fee-free account for kids

A SEFCU Smart Sense Savings account makes it easy to teach your child to learn how to manage money.


25 cent coin

Saving 25¢/day =

$91.25 (+dividends) in a year

Features & Benefits

Help your kids save

  • SEFCU deposits the first $1
  • No fees
  • Earns a dividend with $.01 minimum balance
  • Young Adult Checking account/debit card available for responsible members 14+
  • Free online banking



Fee-free savings account

Minimum Opening Deposit (SEFCU makes the first deposit) Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield* Average Daily Balance to Obtain APY
$1.00 0.10% 0.10% $0.01


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Youth Savings

  • SEFCU deposits the first $1
  • $1 minimum balance required
  • No fees
  • Account is in child’s name



  • Open with just $1
  • $1 minimum balance required
  • No fees
  • Account is in adult’s name; transfers to child at 18 or 21

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Financial Education


Smart Sense Savings

Especially for kids


SEFCU deposits the first $1

Young Adult Checking available for 14+

No fees


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More to think about...

* Annual Percentage Yield. Rate and APY are variable and subject to change after the account is opened. APY is accurate as of today – February 6, 2023. Fees may reduce earnings.