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Recommended for ages 5-8

Learners create a dynamic adventure-based storyline by guiding our friend Finn through a series of spending, saving, sharing, and earning experiences. Watch the story unfold as youth practice problem-solving and critical thinking to make financial decisions while prioritizing needs and wants. Relevant math illustrations are used to visually explain the result of each scenario in the story, as decisions are made in real time by participants.

cartoon creature walking down a city street
1.00 hour(s)
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Recommended for Ages 5-8

Using the book, Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal by John Lanza, youth will make decisions about how to spend, share, and save money. Following reading and discussion, children are encouraged to create their own save jar and to establish a financial goal. 

To create the optimal experience, each session is limited to 100 participants.

cartoon monkey holding a change jar
1.00 hour(s)