Education IRA (Coverdell) Certificates

TermDividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield*  
6 Month (Fixed Rate)0.50%0.50%
12 Month (Fixed Rate)1.00%1.00%
18 Month (Fixed Rate)1.25%1.26%
23 Month (Fixed Rate)1.75%1.76%
24 Month (Fixed Rate)1.35%1.36%
36 Month (Fixed Rate)1.70%1.71%
37 Month (Fixed Rate)2.00%2.02%
48 Month (Fixed Rate)1.95%1.97%
60 Month (Fixed Rate)2.00%2.02%
24 Month Add-On1.35%1.36%
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Annual Percentage Yield.
APY is accurate as of today - 5/24/2018.
Fees may reduce earnings.
For Share Certificates, penalties may apply for early withdrawal.
Note: Minimum to open and obtain APY for these Share Certificates, is $500.00