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Member’s Choice Guaranteed Asset Protection

Protect your valuable assets with SEFCU's low cost Member's Choice® Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP).

GAP Provides Complete Vehicle Protection

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged in an accident, your insurance provider will only cover the market value of the vehicle at the time of loss. That's where SEFCU's GAP comes in. GAP is a low-cost way to get complete protection.

In the event of loss, your GAP coverage will satisfy the difference between what you receive from your insurance company and the amount required to pay off your loan. GAP will also protect your credit rating if your vehicle is declared a total loss and your primary insurance company does not cover the amount you owe on your vehicle.

GAP is low-cost peace of mind too - only $174 for motor vehicles and $217 for power sport vehicles. You can finance the cost right into your SEFCU loan or pay it separately from your SEFCU account. To see if this coverage is right for you, click here and use our Guaranteed Asset Protection calculator.

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