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Phone Scam Targets Credit Union Members
Recently, members have received calls leading them to believe their computers need to be serviced. Those calling attempt to charge for a four-year membership they claim will fix the problems with their computer. The company then says they will begin work on their computer. After remote access (which allows another person to control your computer remotely) to the computer is granted, the company says that they will be unable to help with the issues.

After paying, the member is told that an electronic refund must be issued back to them because the company was unable to help with the computer. Members are asked to log into their online banking account to verify the refund amount and the correct account share. The member is told that the company needs to practice confidentiality by having the screen go black whenever work is being done on their end.

When refunded, a larger amount is deposited into the account. The company tells the member that the mistake was on the member's end and that the member needs to send back the funds in the form of iTunes gift cards or through MoneyGram. The “refund” is being made as a transfer from the member's Savings into his/her Checking account with a notation making it appear to be a refund.

Be Proactive
To avoid becoming a victim of this scam, always ask more questions. Never let anyone you do not trust gain access to your personal computer or information.

If you ever have a question about an email or phone call you receive, please contact SEFCU at 800-727-3328 or stop by a branch to determine the legitimacy of it.