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Report a Lost/Stolen Visa Card

Report a Lost or Stolen Visa Card
If your SEFCU Debit MasterCard®, SEFCU MasterCard Credit Card, or Visa® Credit Card was misplaced or stolen, please contact one of the numbers below.

For a lost/stolen SEFCU MasterCard debit card: 800-727-3328

For a lost/stolen SEFCU MasterCard credit card: 800-600-5249

For a lost/stolen SEFCU World MasterCard credit Card: 866-544-1113

Traveling Abroad?

To be proactive in protecting our members and in our quest to fight fraud, SEFCU from time to time may limit card access in certain foreign countries and states outside the continental U.S. If you plan to travel outside the United States, please contact us at 800-600-5249 (SEFCU MasterCard), or 866-544-1113 (SEFCU World MasterCard credit card), and 800-727-3328 (debit cards) to learn where card access may not be available.