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Beware of "Unclaimed Money"
Keep an eye out for e-mails informing you that you may be entitled to large amounts of unclaimed funds in the United States. The e-mail will be sent from a company promising to help you locate and recover this money for a fee. The truth is these ‘companies’ don’t actually exist, and are merely a front to acquire your money and personal information!

Beware of 809 Area Codes
Many e-mails will ask you to call their office to make arrangements to collect unclaimed funds that may belong to you. The problem is many of these phone numbers have an 809 area code that is set up very much like pay-per-call 900 numbers in the United States and the cost can be as high as $25 a minute!

Protect Your Personal Information
Some e-mails may ask for personal information to perform an accurate search of their "database" of unclaimed funds. Since these e-mails are not from a credible source, giving them your information puts you at risk for identity theft. Keep your personal information secure and never provide your Social Security Number, SEFCU member number, or any information that will compromise your financial security.

Don’t get Conned
Scammers may also attempt to convince you to make an upfront payment if they have determined that there are unclaimed funds that are rightfully yours. Do not send any money in response to an unsolicited e-mail, these scammers will take your money and run!

The Truth
There are a large number of unclaimed funds in the United States because organizations are required by law to surrender their dormant accounts to the state and many wills are incomplete. The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators maintains a database of unclaimed assets that you can search for free. Visit to see if there is money that rightfully belongs to you.