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Home Equity Loans

Best credit union…best rates! We’re offering great home equity loan options for members who have maintained a great credit score.

Borrow up to 80% of Your Home’s Equity with Flexible Terms

If you need financing for a project with a fixed cost – like a new sunroom or college tuition – consider a SEFCU fixed-rate home equity loan.

You Could Be Mortgage Free in 10 years!

Thinking about refinancing your current mortgage? Consider our Home Equity Fixed Rate First Lien Position Loan. You’ll enjoy great rates and lower closing costs than conventional mortgages!

  • Borrow up to 80%* of the equity in your home (the appraised value multiplied by 80%, less the remaining balance on your mortgage).
  • Rates also available for lower combined loan-to-value and terms
  • Borrow from $5,000 to $350,000
  • Make your payments bi-weekly or monthly, using payroll deduction, Direct Deposit, or automatic transfer.

Apply for your Home Equity Loan today.

Annual Percentage Rate. 3.00% fixed APR for 10 years for credit qualified loans closing in first lien position. This rate applies to loans up to 50% Combined Loan-to Value (CLTV). Rates also available for other CLTVs and terms. Loan payment example: a $50,000 loan at 3.00% APR for 10 years would be $483.05. All loans subject to creditworthiness. New York State Mortgage Tax is paid by the borrower from the loan proceeds. Title insurance may be required. The remaining closing costs paid by SEFCU on behalf of the borrower will be charged back and added to the payoff amount of the loan if the home equity loan is paid and closed within three years of loan closing. Closing costs are estimated at $200 - $600. Rate as of 2/9/2016 and subject to change at any time. For members whose owner occupied residence is located in New York State or the Pennsylvania counties of Susquehanna, Bradford, or Wyoming.