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Mobile Security

Banking with your mobile device has never been safer or easier.

Mobile banking uses the same security protocols as home banking.   SSL encryption provides a secure channel for data transmission. Users are authenticated by utilizing device registration, username, and password.

Full-featured security ensures no data is stored on your mobile device. The Mobile banking app does not save any personal or account information in your mobile device. This will protect your online account in the event your mobile device is ever lost or stolen.

Password resets can only be done using SEFCU OnLine. The Mobile banking app uses the same lockout procedures as SEFCU OnLine. After a determined number of bad login attempts, the account will become locked and require a user to reset his/her password using SEFCU OnLine.

Automatic inactivity timeout. If the application is inactive for 10 minutes, or the application is closed, it will time out and require a user to log back in.