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Take charge of your family's healthcare! Here's how to open an HSA today.

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Opening a Health Savings Account (HSA) with SEFCU is quick and easy. Just bring your completed paperwork to any one of our  branch locations

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SEFCU members, open an HSA by completing the following forms:

In addition, please note the need for the following to successfully open an HSA:

  • Have your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number handy. You must have a valid driver's license or state-issued ID available.
  • If there will be an additional signer (authorized user) on the account, then that person should be present, or you will need to know his/her personal information, including Social Security Number. Your authorized user can be granted a Health Savings Mastercard® and checks with his/her name linked to your account.
  • You have several options to fund your HSA:
    •  Make a contribution (deposit) at a SEFCU branch.
    •  Transfer funds from a SEFCU account (existing member only).
    •  Mail a check or certified money order to SEFCU (existing Health Saving Accounts only).  

There is a minimum balance of $1.00 required for SEFCU membership. This must be deposited into a Mint Savings account (which will be created if you are a new member), in order for membership to be established. There is no minimum balance or deposit required to open your HSA Checking account, but there is a minimum opening balance requirement of $500.00 for HSA Share Certificates. If funds are not deposited into the HSA Checking account within 45 days, the account will be closed.