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With SEFCU's School Banking Program signing up is easy and the benefits are exciting.

Why do kids love our School Banking program?
SEFCU gives schools an easy, fun, and interactive way to provide a hands-on banking experience while teaching young students the importance of financial management and smart savings tips. Based on their saving habits, students can earn cool prizes for making deposits.

Why do parents love our School Banking program?
Parents love the convenience of saving at school with no minimum deposit amount. The program teaches students the importance of saving and setting goals, while boosting confidence and responsibility.

Fun and exciting rewards
Students enrolled in the program have access to all the great features of our Smart Sense Youth Program, plus special rewards and incentives to make depositing money at school even more exciting!

Benefits of SEFCU's School Banking program:
  • Weekly prizes
  • School Banking savings awards
  • Financial Education programs
  • A special end-of-the-year celebration
  • Access to all SEFCU products and services

Incentives for 2018-2019 School Year:

Banker Incentives - earn up to $20!
  • Banker Signup - Incentive for new students who join the school banking program
  • Reading Activity - Reward for students who participate in our reading activity
  • Starring Report Card - Submit your starring report card at the end of the school year to receive a special reward

School Incentives - Schools can earn money when students participate in SEFCU's School Banking program.

...And so much more!

Mobile branch visits
If you've seen SEFCU's Mobile branch, you know why our school bankers get excited. Special visits to our participating schools allow our School Bankers the opportunity to make a deposit at a real SEFCU branch.

Interested in participating in SEFCU's School Banking Program? E-mail for more information.