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SEFCU School Banking: For Parents

Students enrolled in the program have access to all the great features of our Smart Sense Youth Program, plus special rewards and incentives to make depositing money at school even more exciting!

Transferring funds from an existing account
Once your child's School Banking account is opened, print, complete, and send or bring the request to close the account form to your previous financial institution to close the old account and have the funds transferred to your new SEFCU account. Each financial institution has different requirements, so please make sure this form is signed by both the parent and the student (regardless of age or writing ability).

Receipts and online access
When a deposit is made at school by your child an email notification can be sent directly to the email address you provided to notify you of the new deposit. This feature will allow parents to know each time their student saver has participated in his/her school's banking day. You can also always log in to SEFCU OnLine to view your child's balance and deposit history at any time from anywhere.

Sign your child up today!
To get started opening a youth account, download and complete SEFCU's Smart Sense Application and Guarantee. The completed form can be returned to a branch near you.