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Employee Benefits Equal More Than Just a Paycheck

Show employees the total value of their employment with the Employee Retention & Communication Program.

Employee Retention & Communication Program

The Employee Retention & Communication Program is offered to all ANCOR (American Network of Community Options and Resources) members at no additional cost to your agency. The program educates your employees on their benefits package and the associated cost through a “Personalized Benefit Statement.” This communication process will give your employees a better understanding of their total compensation. Studies have shown that communication of benefits and the costs associated with them lowers employee turnover, boosts morale, and increases productivity. 

Employer Benefits:

  • Maximize the "Return on Investment" with your current benefits program
  • Communicate benefits and associated dollar costs to your employees
  • Control the increasing cost of providing benefits
  • Provide a benefits package that satisfies your entire employee population
  • Recruit and retain quality employees

Employee Benefits:

  • Have a better understanding of current benefits and associated costs
  • Gain access to a larger portfolio of benefits
  • Build a benefits plan based on individual needs
  • Enjoy benefits that are affordable and portable through payroll deduction

To learn more, contact the Employee Retention & Communication Program for ANCOR Membership hotline at 800-595-9768.