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No more running to the bank on payday! Learn how simple it is to sign up for Direct Deposit with SEFCU!

Ready to Enjoy the Convenience of Direct Deposit?

 SEFCU makes it easy to sign up! Here’s how:

  1. Open an account with SEFCU.
  2. Go to the SEFCU Payroll Deduction Form*.
  3. Sign the top portion of this form, which is a formal agreement between your employer and you, and send it to your employer.
  4. Complete the bottom portion of the form to let SEFCU know how you want your money deposited. For example, you might want $100.00 of each paycheck deposited to savings, $50.00 toward a loan payment and the rest put in your Free Checking account. Drop off this portion of the form at any SEFCU branch, or mail it to SEFCU, Deposit Servicing, Patroon Creek Corporate Center, 700 Patroon Creek Blvd, Albany, NY 12206-1067.
  5. Instead of a paycheck, you will receive a paystub. The stub will list the amount of payroll funds transmitted to your SEFCU account.

*Some companies may have their own Direct Deposit forms.