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MasterCard Credit Cards

Make your SEFCU MasterCard® the first choice in your wallet! With a low rate, no hidden fees, and rewards you can earn just for using it, this is the perfect card for you!
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SEFCU MasterCard

Enhanced with chip technology, all SEFCU MasterCards offer the security of additional protection, but with the convenience you are used to and more benefits than ever before. Read more...

SEFCU World MasterCard

Designed for members who meet certain credit requirements and have an average annual spend of $10,000 or more with their existing SEFCU MasterCard. Read more...

Secured MasterCard

If you have a SEFCU Share Certificate or a substantial savings balance you can enjoy dramatically reduced rates with a Secured MasterCard. Read more...

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Traveling Abroad?

To protect our members and fight fraud, SEFCU may limit card access in some foreign countries and states outside the continental U.S. from time to time. If you plan to travel outside the United States, please contact us at 800-727-3328 or 866-317-0335 (SEFCU MasterCard), or 866-544-1113 (SEFCU World MasterCard credit card), and 800-727-3328 (debit cards) to learn where card access may not be available.

Report a Lost or Stolen MasterCard?

  • For a lost/stolen SEFCU MasterCard, call 866-839-3485, outside the U.S. call collect 727-570-4881
  • For a lost/stolen SEFCU World MasterCard credit card, call 855-594-3246, outside the U.S. call collect 727-227-1428
  • For a lost/stolen MasterCard debit card, call 800-727-3328


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