Margaret Harrigan, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Margaret Harrigan, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Last spring SEFCU created Heroes Landing, a place of respite for healthcare workers on the front line of COVID-19. Volunteers were needed around the clock to greet the weary workers, check them in, and provide a toiletry bag so they could freshen up after their stay. Maggie answered the call and took a volunteer shift every single day for the 59 days Heroes Landing was operational. She and other volunteers agreed that the experience changed each one of them and it’s an opportunity she is proud to have participated in.

But giving back isn’t something that is new to Maggie. She remembers watching the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon on TV as a child and wanting to contribute. So she and her friends went door-to-door asking friends and neighbors for donations and then drove to the TV studio to contribute to the fundraising effort. She remembers seeing the children who would benefit from the funds she helped raise (some the same age as she) and that was the first time she realized the impact she could make.

As a volunteer, she has come to learn that even doing what seems like a little thing can have a big impact on someone who needs help.

In addition to Heroes Landing, Maggie has also donated her time on a number of other SEFCU-sponsored volunteer events, including Pay Less for the Dress, and Toys for Tots. She is also active with the Women’s Fund of the Capital District.

“My favorite volunteer moment was the Toys for Tots train, when families would be at the train stops that were located along the way between Binghamton to Delanson. I was not nearly prepared for the happiness of the children to receive a new coat and mittens. One little girl really got to me when I was giving her family coats. She said proudly to me, ‘I’m still wearing the coat you got me last year and I hope my new one is blue, it’s my favorite color.’ The coat she wore had seen better days and yes, I made sure she got her new blue coat, because I wanted her to feel excited about her new coat.”