01/2018 - SEFCU's Institute for Financial Well-Being helps “Change the World”

SEFCU's Institute for Financial Well-Being had a unique opportunity to exhibit at the Girls World Expo. Offered in partnership with iHeart Media and sponsored by SEFCU, GirlsWorld Expo is a national movement of one-day events for teenage girls. The Albany Expo was diversely designed to connect young women with their community, empowering them to discover their potential and find their best path to personal and professional success. Participants attended workshops and participated in science and technology exhibits while connecting with women leaders from business, government, industry, and the arts.

People standing around table using robots and ipads

SEFCU's Institute for Financial Well-Being was highlighted at the Girls Expo and the team demonstrated the Change Your World Activity with Apple iPads® and Apple Robots in a “sandbox,” where participants had fun brainstorming ideas for changing the world while they engaged with the robots. Financial concepts such as needs, wants, goals, saving, spending, sharing, and budgeting were discussed while the powerful ideas for positive world impact - including ending war, helping kids with handicapping conditions get dressed, recycling, being nice to others, ending hunger, building homes for the homeless, and planting trees - were explored. The Institute team also offered financial trivia, providing on-the-spot financial education moments and discussed saving and spending, credit and debit, and setting goals with the participants.

As part of four available breakout sessions, the Institute conducted a financial education workshop called Making Money Count. Participants were asked to consider their saving and spending habits, leading to a discussion on the importance of forming positive behaviors to build financial knowledge. When asked about spending their own money or their parents' money, they said it was easier to spend their parents' money. By the end of the session, they understood the importance of needs and wants, making a budget, making good consumer financial decisions and saving for college and emergencies. One 11-year-old young woman even brought up retirement!

Overall, the Expo was a unique and exciting event providing a chance for the Institute for Financial Well-Being to reach hundreds of young women, in a positive and fun environment. To learn about upcoming free sessions offered by SEFCU's Institute for Financial Well-Being, click here.