Leanne Shufelt, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Leanne Shufelt, Why I Care Employee Recipient

As a child, Leanne Shufelt remembers her family making donations to local food pantries, Toys for Tots, and other nonprofits, but said at the time she never really understood the full concept of why they were doing it.

Now as an adult, Leanne understands the value of giving back and takes advantage of almost every opportunity that comes her way!

“As I began volunteering and becoming involved in more than the donation process itself, you get to see and hear the true impact of all those directly involved,” she said. “It is all so heartwarming.”

“A few hours of volunteering for an organization literally can mean the world to someone,” she added. “So, when someone asks me why I have the passion to volunteer, it’s simple: Why not?”

She remembers when she had the opportunity to ride the Toys for Tots train, where volunteers distribute donated toys and coats to children at various stops along the train route. It “was an experience I’ll never forget,” she said. “The excitement of those at each stop waiting in anticipation of a new coat (and more) and witnessing firsthand the magnitude of the entire operation was amazing.”

For Leanne, volunteering has provided her an opportunity to meet people with the same passion for helping others.

In addition to riding the Toys for Tots train, Leanne also shops for the South End Children’s Café pantry, participates in SEFCU’s Holiday Sharing Program during the holidays, and is a volunteer for the SEFCU Foundation and Sidewalk Warriors.


“Volunteering gives me an opportunity to give back to the community, to pay it forward, and to do my part in making someone’s day just a little bit brighter.”

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