Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Setup

How to:
To set up or change your security settings, you must log in using a browser.
1. Download one of the compatible authenticator apps by visiting your device’s app store.
2. Log into SEFCU online banking and from the top right of your screen, click the drop down arrow to go to your Settings. If
logging in from a mobile browser, select "Settings."
3. Go to the Security tab.
4. Under the Two-Factor Authentication section, click the Pencil icon located next to the 2FA App.

Two Factor Authentication screenshot

5. Click Enroll.
6. A QR code will appear which you will scan with your smartphone using your authenticator app. Alternatively, an
alpha-numeric code will also display which you can manually enter into your authenticator app.
7. Open the authenticator app you downloaded and follow the on-screen directions to add your SEFCU account using the
QR code or alpha-numeric code provided.
8. Enter the code populated in your authenticator app into the text box, then click Next.

QR Code Screenshot

9. Once authenticated, you will be given the choice to set 2FA as your preferred method. This method is
strongly recommended for members planning travel or living abroad.
10. To best secure your online account, you can choose to require 2FA for each login.

Set as preferred method screenshot