Vivian Kornegay, Why I Care Member Recipient

Vivian Kornegay, Why I Care Member Recipient

Vivian Kornegay often listened to others say, “why don’t ‘they’ do something about it” and she wondered who “they” was. It didn’t take her long to realize that all of us as individuals are “they” and each of us has the ability to be the change. 

With a village of like-minded people with the desire to help others, Vivian got to work. She coordinated the Black Doll Project, asking friends and family members to donate black dolls so that every child has a doll that looks like them. She was overwhelmed at the response and the growing number of donations received each year. 

In her professional life, Vivian is a supervisor of the Sheriff’s Homeless Improvement Project (SHIP) in Albany, and treats it as an assignment to excel at, not a job to complete. She enjoys working with the men in the program, understanding that each one has different needs and it’s her job to meet those needs. 

In addition to the Black Doll Project, Vivian is also a former Board Member for Avillage, Inc., community member of the Albany Police Department Gun Violence Task Force, and the Albany Police Department Neighborhood Engagement Unit, among others. 

“I always knew it was up to me to be the change."


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