Samoria Zurlo, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Samoria Zurlo, Why I Care Employee Recipient

From an early age, Samoria Zurlo’s parents instilled in her the importance of recognizing every person’s worth, understanding that not all people are dealt the same hand and that everyone needs to be raised up at one time or another. Samoria’s genuine desire to help and encourage others is evident in the number of volunteer hours she contributes each year, logging more than 100 hours the past two years. 

Samoria cherishes her various volunteer experiences and has enjoyed not only seeing what happens “behind the scenes” to make events or programs successful, but also the feeling of success when people and communities are all working together for the greater good and pushing to help people thrive and survive, even in the toughest times.
One of Samoria’s favorite quotes is “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our souls when we look the other way.” 

Samoria volunteers her time for a number of organizations, including as a Board Member for the SEFCU Foundation for the past seven years, South End Children’s Café, Folds of Honor, Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless, City Mission of Schenectady, and she recently joined the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region Board of Directors. 

"Sharing a common goal and pushing to help people thrive in the toughest times, is immeasurable. As my mother has always said, 'every human being has a part in making the world turn'."

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