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Sarah Liporace, Why I Care Member Recipient

Sarah Liporace

Sarah Liporace was a volunteer for the American Cancer Society (ACS) in numerous capacities for more than a decade, but it was when a close friend of hers was diagnosed with breast cancer that she sa

Chris Duwe, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Chris Duwe

What started out as a tribute to his late colleague and friend, Mary St. Germain, turned into a record-breaking fundraiser captained by Chris Duwe, Senior Vice President of Risk Management.

Leanne Shufelt, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Leanne Shufelt, Why I Care Employee Recipient

As a child, Leanne Shufelt remembers her family making donations to local food pantries, Toys for Tots, and other nonprofits, but said at the time she never really understood the full concept of why they were doing it.

Pat Hedgeman, Why I Care Member Recipient

Pat Hedgeman, Why I Care Member Recipient

Shortly after Pat Hedgeman’s two-year-old granddaughter, Rosemary, passed away from neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer, she, along with Rosemary’s parents, founded Rosie’s Love.

Samoria Zurlo, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Samoria Zurlo, Why I Care Employee Recipient

From an early age, Samoria Zurlo’s parents instilled in her the importance of recognizing every person’s worth, understanding that not all people are dealt the same hand and that everyone needs to be raised up at one time or another.

Stephanie Paluch, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Stephanie Paluch, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Members of law enforcement are trained to respond to those who need help, and usually are not ones to ask for help, but the Western New York Law Enforcement Helpline is a resource for active and retired members of

Kyla Schmidt, Why I Care Member Recipient

Kyla Schmidt, Why I Care Member Recipient

As a young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, Kyla Schmidt knew the challenges of navigating community resources in order to provide for herself and her newborn son.

Five SEFCU Board Members Elected to Additional Terms

Albany, NY – Earlier this spring, SEFCU Board of Directors members Vincent W. Colonno, Philip Fields, Kenneth C. Hahn, Timothy J. Jennings, and Mary Warr-Cowans  were all elected to an additional term.  This is Philip's first election to a full term after serving in an interim capacity, and Vince, Ken, Tim, and Mary are re-elected incumbents.   

Beware of text and email scam targeting SEFCU members - December 29, 2020

Members are being targeted by scammers sending unsolicited messages that appear to be coming from SEFCU. Remember, never provide or verify financial or confidential information when answering unsolicited calls or by clicking a link in an unsolicited email/text. Scammers use these methods to obtain your personal information. If you receive one of these calls, hang up and call the Member Solutions Center at 800-727-3328 to be certain you are speaking with SEFCU.

UAlbany and SEFCU team up to help keep community safe with weekly employee testing

ALBANY, N.Y. (Dec 22, 2020) – Every week, more than 325 SEFCU employees receive COVID-19 testing as part of a new partnership between the credit union and the University at Albany.

To help keep their employees and members safe, frontline SEFCU employees who are not displaying COVID-19 symptoms are now able to participate in UAlbany’s pooled surveillance testing program which provides a simple and non-invasive way to test the presence of the virus using a saliva sample.

Sue Klepadlo, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Sue Klepadlo, Employee Recipient

The spirit of giving back is something that was instilled in Sue as a young child. Sue’s mother never knew her birth parents, but that didn’t stop her and Sue’s father from providing a loving home to many children.

Benita Zahn, Why I Care Member Recipient

Benita Zahn, Why I Care Member Recipient

Benita Zahn is a familiar face for many Capital Region residents as an evening anchor and health reporter for WNYT, but the work she does behind the scenes is just as important as what she does on camera.

SEFCU Social Media Guidelines 

SEFCU’s social media pages/platforms are public and intended to be a fun community page where you can learn about SEFCU, its mission, and events. We invite you to comment, ask questions, or share community events on our wall, however you should never post confidential or private information including, but not limited to, account numbers, addresses, Social Security Numbers, passwords, or any other information deemed private. Please note that we do not endorse, nor are we responsible for the accuracy of the information, opinions, claims, or advice shared by other users.

Mary Curtis, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Mary Curtis, Employee Recipient

When Mary first donated blood as a 17-year-old she learned that she had a rare blood type, and the only one that can be given to infants or children in intensive care or during surgeries.

Anthony Mayers, Why I Care Member Recipient

Anthony Mayers, Member Recipient

In 2011 Anthony Mayers came to the City Mission of Schenectady with plans to stay for a 30-day visit, but what happened was so much more. He was struggling with life and needed some help, love, and guidance.

James Welch, Why I Care Member Recipient


As a retired United States Air Force Flight Medic and volunteer EMT, James Welch has a long history of helping others, but it wasn’t until he watched a series on Facebook called “Returning the Favor” that he realized how he could give back.