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Stay on target with MX Money Management.

MX Money Management allows you to track spending, create a budget, and assist in improving overall financial well-being. It’s free and available to all SEFCU OnLine users.

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Features & Benefits

Tools to reach your financial goals.

Money Management, created by MX, is an award-winning digital money management platform. MX Money Management can help you improve your overall financial well-being beyond the typical combining of multiple accounts, expense tracking, and budgeting capabilities of other personal financial management providers. It's free for all SEFCU OnLine users. Log into your SEFCU OnLine account, look for Money Management found under “Manage Money” in the top navigation and click to get started.

With all of the insights of MX Money Management you'll also be able to set and meet goals, putting you on the road to a healthy financial future. Tools to help you reach these goals include:

  • Spending tracker
  • Smart auto-creation of budgets based on spending history
  • Easy-to-read charts
  • Debt payoff forecasting
  • Cash flow calendar
  • Email and text alerts
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MX Money Management

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