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Need to request a grant or sponsorship for your non-profit? SEFCU introduces an easy-to-use streamlined process for requests.


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What we do

Since 2008, SEFCU's Community Support Program has helped more than seven million people...

in the Capital Region, Binghamton, Syracuse, and Buffalo areas through vital non-profit organizations such as yours. As our philanthropy has grown over the years, so too have requests for financial support. Because of the magnitude of the need and number of requests, we have streamlined our giving process to make it easier to request grant or sponsorship money. Now, all requests are made and tracked online.


Below are the benefits of the SEFCU Community Support Portal:

  • Once you create an online account for your organization, your contact and background information will be stored for faster completion of future requests.
  • You will be able to update your request at any time until all requested materials and information are submitted.
  • Automated emails will inform you of receipt of your completed application, as well as reminders of missing information.
  • You will be able to track the progress of your application at any time, day or night, right through the online system.

To get started your organization will need to create an online account.

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Please note: You will need to enter your Federal Tax ID each time you log in order to verify the account.

For questions please contact Community Impact Leader Katie Farrow:

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