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Business Banking Fee Schedule

SEFCU strives to keep fees as low as possible. Learn more below.

Since our beginnings in 1934, SEFCU has served the financial needs of its members by providing a wide range of credit union products at an affordable cost, keeping our service fees as reasonable as possible. In fact, our written policy prohibits the use of fees to generate income for the credit union.

"SEFCU will assess reasonable fees only to offset costs and to encourage responsible use of SEFCU's services by the membership."

SEFCU's ongoing goal is to maintain a generally competitive position on products and services. We cannot always offer the lowest price or the highest return on every product and service without negatively affecting the quality of our offerings and the soundness of our financial cooperative. However, the credit union regularly reviews rates and fees and adjusts them accordingly, in order to apply the best pricing possible for the benefit of our membership.

To view the Personal Banking fee schedule, click here.


Overdraft Transfer from Savings  $2.50
Below minimum average daily balance (Preferred Plus)1   $15.00

1 Minimum average daily balance for Preferred Plus is $100.000


Certified Personal Check   $5.00
Check Protest Fee   $15.00
Copy of Canceled Check   $5.00
Counter Checks (4 per page) $2.00
Original Canceled Check   $5.00
Returned Checks - Deposited   $10.00
Returned Checks - NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds)   $25.00
Return NSF from POS/Debit Card   $25.00
Stop Payment on Counter Check   $20.00
Stop Payment on Personal Check   $20.00
Stop Payment on Teller (Official) Check   $20.00

Debit Card and ATM Fees

Card Capture   $10.00
Deposit Correction   $7.50
Deposit of Empty Envelope   $15.00
Non-SEFCU ATM Balance Inquiry   $0.50
Non-SEFCU ATM Withdrawal (Includes POB Transactions)   $1.25
Non-SEFCU ATM Withdrawal Attempt with NSF   $0.30
Insufficient Funds (Allowed)   $25.00
POS Transaction - NSF   $25.00
Replacement Card   $5.00
Withdrawals/Purchases Outside the U.S.   1% of purchase


SEFCU iPay (Service Fee Based on Relationship)*  

Members with an average monthly Share Draft (S9) balance of $500 or greater
Up to 15 bills per month   No Fee
Members with an average monthly Share Draft (S9) balance less than $500  
Up to 15 bills per month   $5.95
Additional fees  
Each Subsequent Bill Pay Transaction (above monthly maximum)   $0.50
Bill Pay NSF   $25.00
Bill Pay Stop Payment   $20.00

* Balances used to determine SEFCU iPay monthly fees are for a single account number and not aggregate of the balances on multiple accounts.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are available at the following locations:

  • Midler Branch
  • Patroon Creek Branch
  • SEFCU Square Branch
  • Wilton Branch
5"x5"x18" Box size   $50.00 per year  
3"x10"x18" Box size   $55.00 per year  
5"x10"x18" Box size   $80.00 per year  
10"x10"x18" Box size  $120.00 per year


Account Closed Within 0-3 months   $15.00
Account Research/Reconciliation (Per Hour) $15.00
ACH Debit Items Presented for Payment and Returned   $25.00
ACH Stop Payment on Electronic Debit   $10.00
Address Correction (Mail is Returned, One Time)   $2.00
Address Search (One Time)   $10.00
Bulk cash and coin orders cash $.20/strap
coin $.10/roll
Copy of Official Check or Money Order   $5.00
Escheatment   $25.00
Interim Account Histories   $2.00
Loan Documents 


Money Orders (Maximum Value $1,000)   $3.00
Out-of US-Collection Item* $15.00
POP Money - next day only     $5/transaction
Restraining Notices/Levies(legal) $50.00
Second Lien Release for Auto/RV $10.00
Statement Copy   $2.00
Teller Checks (First)   $1.00
Teller Checks (Subsequent)   $2.00
Wire Transfers (Domestic)   $17.00
Wire Transfers (International)   $30.00

*NOTE: Other processing fees from out-of-U.S. institution may apply. For more information, please contact the SEFCU Member Solutions Center at 518-452-8183 or 800-727-3328 outside the 518 area code. All fees subject to change without notice.

Business Services

Share Drafts Paid 

250 free, $0.10 thereafter

Bulk Coin Deposits

4% of total deposit

Cash Management a La Carte Fees
ACH Addenda Record

$0.06 each

Cash Management ACH Item Originated

$0.10 each

Cash Management Monthly Fee
(Waived if average balance $5,000)


Cash Management Uploaded ACH

$0.10 each

Stop Payment via Cash Management

$5.00 each

Wire Transfer Originated via Cash Management

 $12.00 each