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Using SEFCU OnLine

If I make a mistake while using SEFCU OnLine, can it be corrected?

Yes. You will be able to reverse any transfers made from one share to another (with the exception of the Holiday Club) by simply doing the transaction in reverse (e.g., if you transfer $100 to your checking from your Mint Savings account in error, simply transfer the $100 back to your Mint share account from your checking to fix the error). However, if a transfer is mistakenly made to a loan or to another account number, then you must contact a SEFCU representative immediately to correct the transfer.

Can I make transfers to another SEFCU account?

Yes. You may perform transfers involving up to nine other account numbers, as long as you designate the accounts prior to attempting the transfer. If you do this type of transfer, the system will give you a confirmation of the receiving account number and the amount transferred for your records. You will not, however, receive any other information (e.g., balances, etc.) in regard to the other account. After your initial enrollment, if you wish to designate additional account numbers to which you can transfer funds, simply call us at 518-452-8183 or 800-727-3328.

Why doesn't my transfer of funds always show immediately in my account history?

Funds transfers done via SEFCU OnLine are immediately reflected in the balances shown in your Account Summary. However, depending on the time of day you make a funds transfer, the transaction may not appear in your Account History until the following business day. Thus, making it a historical transaction. Transfers occurring on Fridays will appear in Account History the following business day (Monday), unless Monday is a holiday.

Can I make VISA® and mortgage payments through SEFCU OnLine?

At this time, you can make mortgage payments. However, payments to VISA accounts are not yet available through SEFCU OnLine. We are researching options for making this feature available in the future. Also, "principal only" payments cannot be made via SEFCU OnLine. To make this type of payment, contact the Member Solutions Center or visit any branch.

Will my SEFCU OnLine transactions count toward Regulation D funds transfer limits?

Yes. Transfers from Mint and Preferred accounts are included in the six-transfer limitation required by Regulation D. Transfers to SEFCU loans or withdrawals by check are excluded from this count. Regulation D limits the number of electronic transfers or pre-authorized debits from savings accounts to six per account, per month.

Can I pay bills with SEFCU OnLine?

Your SEFCU OnLine account enables you to enroll in SEFCU iPay, our electronic bill payment service.