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Enrollment and Access to SEFCU OnLine

Do I need special software to access SEFCU OnLine?

You do not need additional software if you have a computer with Internet access and one of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9
Firefox 4+*
Safari 5
Google Chrome*

These browsers can be downloaded for free from the Internet. Certain configuration requirements must be met for best results when using SEFCU OnLine. 

*Google’s Chrome browser and Mozilla’s Firefox browser (since version 4) are released on extremely rapid cycles. Because of this, the support designations in the above list apply to the version of the browser that was live in December 2011 unless otherwise noted. New versions of these browsers are expected to remain compatible with SEFCU OnLine, but immediate support cannot be guaranteed.

How do I find out what version of a browser I am using?

Follow the instructions listed below for your browser:

Internet Explorer Users 


  • Open the browser
  • At the top, click on "Help"
  • Select "About Internet Explorer"


Note: The version of your browser should display on screen. If your browser supports 128-bit encryption, it will display the text "128-bit" next to the words "cipher strength."

How do I access SEFCU OnLine once I've enrolled?

You can access SEFCU OnLine using either one of the methods listed below:

From this page 


  • Click on the "SEFCU OnLine Login" link on the left side of the screen.



From the SEFCU Home Page 


  • Click on the "SEFCU OnLine Login" link on the left side of the screen.



Do I have to enroll in this feature?

Doing so will save you time should you ever forget your password, but enrolling is not required. If you do not wish to activate this feature, simply click on the “Opt-Out” box near the bottom of the page.

Is this information secure?

Absolutely. The system saves this information, but it’s only accessible by you. The Forgotten Password feature offers added security by notifying you by e-mail whenever an attempt to reset your SEFCU OnLine password has been made - whether the attempt succeeded or failed. When activating the Forgotten Password feature, select questions that you can easily remember, along with their answers. DO NOT print, store, save, or share this information with anyone. This information can be used in the same way that your password is used to gain access to your SEFCU accounts.