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SEFCU OnLine Security Features

Is SEFCU OnLine secure?

SEFCU OnLine is designed with several state-of-the-art security features to keep your account information safe. These features include:

  • Users may select a time-out limit of five (default) to 60 minutes on each SEFCU OnLine session. Although we do not encourage anyone to leave a computer unattended while logged in, this keeps your accounts secure if you inadvertently leave your computer while you are working in SEFCU OnLine. If you need more time to complete your transactions, simply login again and continue.
  • There is a six-transaction limit on transfers from savings accounts each month. This Regulation D limit includes pre-authorized debits and transfers over the phone or through SEFCU OnLine. Transfers to SEFCU loans and check withdrawals are not counted in the transfer limit.
  • 128-bit encryption feature is supplied with the latest versions of qualified browsers. This automatic encoding of data makes information virtually unreadable by anyone other than you and SEFCU. For best results, review the SEFCU OnLine configuration requirements for your browser.
  • SEFCU has also incorporated a firewall and industry "best practices" into our security system to protect your accounts.

What is encryption?

Encryption is the transformation of electronic information into a code that is "agreed upon" by your computer and ours at the beginning of each SEFCU OnLine session. This code appears as gibberish to anyone else trying to view the data. SEFCU OnLine's encryption offers billions of different possible codes and every time you sign on, a different code is used. This feature makes it nearly impossible for anyone to gain access to your account without your permission.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is computer hardware and software that monitors all SEFCU OnLine traffic and records information about each transaction. The firewall guards SEFCU's entire network against attempts by unauthorized parties to break into the system.

I encountered a dialog box stating "Certificate Authority Is Expired" when I tried to access one of SEFCU's secure pages. What should I do?

This dialog box appears on some older browsers that are not supported for use with SEFCU OnLine. Please upgrade your browser to one of the versions that is compatible with our enhanced SEFCU OnLine service.