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Insurance FAQs

Does SEFCU offer insurance services?  

Yes, through its wholly owned subsidiary, SEFCU Insurance Agency offers a full range of insurance products to its customers including: homeowners, renters, automobile, motorcycle, RV & boat insurance. Please contact the SEFCU Insurance Agency at 888-250-6689 for additional information or to receive a confidential quote.

What kind of life insurance does SEFCU Insurance Agency offer?

SEFCU Insurance Agency offers the following types of life insurance:

  • Universal: Guaranteed and also variable where a portion of your money goes into mutual funds 
  • Whole Life 
  • Single Premium Life 
  • Wealth Transfer Strategies: Inheritance Builders

Wealth transfer needs are based on estate planning needs (asset protection and distribution)

How much life insurance do I need?

Since the needs from person to person vary, it is based on a personal fact finder. The general rule, however, is 10 times salary.

What information do I need to have available when I call for a Property & Casualty insurance quote?

Name and dates of birth for all members of the home: Social Security Number for primary named insured and the following:

For Property & Casualty, please have a current copy of your policy information available which is called a Declaration Page(s). 

If this is a new purchase for a home, please have the square footage, year built, type of heating and cooling system (e.g.: oil, gas, electric) materials the home is built with, such as: type of exterior siding, type of flooring, wall coverings available. Is there a pool, shed, fireplace, wood stove, any dogs or exotic pets? Any prior claims? What fire department services the home and how far away is it? 

For vehicle quotes, please provide the year, make, and model, along with the vehicle identification number and the names and dates of birth for all household members and residents. You’ll also need to provide your physical address and prior coverage information, your claim and violation history for the last five years. 

What information do I need to have available when I call for a Life or Long-Term Care quote?

When you call to receive a life or Long-Term Care quote you should be ready to provide the following information:

  • Purpose of the insurance
  • Date of birth 
  • Smoker/non-smoker 
  • Medications 
  • Height & weight 
  • Any family medical history? 
  • How much insurance? 
  • For term: how long?


What kind of insurance does New York State require me to have for my vehicle?

New York State requires that you carry liability insurance, no fault insurance and uninsured motorist coverage. However, your finance company may require that you purchase additional coverage to secure a loan.

What do I need to know about Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-Term Care is a way of protecting assets in the event of long-term medical needs. It is an important step in any Estate Plan. In order for assets to be distributed, they first need to be protected. New York State Partnership allows the insured to retain all assets including the family home and still apply for Medicaid extended coverage, therefore maintaining control and dignity. The program pays for care at home, assisted living facility, community care, hospice care, and nursing home care. Plans are put together for the individual needs of each member.