Donating Online

Protect Yourself When Donating Money Online
Donating money online is a convenient way that you can lend a hand, unfortunately it’s also a simple way for scammers to divert your money to them. Here are a few easy tips to remember to make sure your gift is sent to the intended recipient.

Give to Legitimate Charities 
Ask to see the organization’s 990 IRS Form. Charities must file this document with the Internal Revenue Service.

Type the Web Address of the Charity You’d Like to Give to 
Don’t simply click a link because it might lead you right to a fraudulent website, which may look a lot like the charity you’d like to donate to.

Check the Privacy Policy 
Don’t disclose personal or financial information unless you know how this data will be used.

Print a Copy of the Donation Confirmation Page 
If you do not receive a confirmation, ask for one.

Look for Contact Information 
Most reputable charities will include an email address as well as their phone number and address on their website.

When you give to a charity online, you want to ensure that your contribution is making a difference, not making a scammer rich. By following these basic guidelines, you can make sure your gift is doing the good you intended it to... helping those in need!