Your credit score can determine if you can rent an apartment, buy a home, or get approved for a loan. This number can also save you money by providing access to the lowest loan rates possible. Follow the steps outlined below and on the next pages to help repair or boost your credit score. 

Step 1 – Fix errors and dispute negative information 

• Check the accuracy of your personal information. This information is not used to determine your credit score but may indicate to a lender how stable you are, i.e. Social Security Number, telephone number, name, and addresses. 
• Lenders and/or credit bureaus will often unintentionally report inaccurate information that may affect your credit score including inaccurate or fraudulent accounts, incorrect account numbers, inaccurate credit limits, balances, and account opening dates. 
• Closed accounts stay on your report for seven to eleven years (depending on how they were paid), inquiries stay on your report for two years, public records (leins, bankruptcies and back child support) stay on for seven years.

View a sample letter to a credit bureau.