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Looking for a new or used car or truck? Check out SEFCU's Auto Loans. If it moves, SEFCU can put it within your reach!

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New Auto Loan - model years '15 - '19  

From a used car to brand-new, SEFCU has the right loan program for you.
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Used Auto Loan - model years '07 - '14

Buy the vehicle you're looking for - with very little cash up front.
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Auto Advantage

This flexible auto loan features low monthly payments and lease-like benefits.
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RV/Boat Loans

Flexible financing options for both new and used RVs and boats.
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Financing options for four wheelers, snowmobiles, and jet skis.
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First-Time Borrower

Are you a first-time borrower? No worries! SEFCU can help get your wheels while building up your credit history.
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