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Split Dollar Life Insurance

Keep your top earners happy! SEFCU Insurance Agency’s Split Dollar Life Insurance lets you share policy benefits and expenses with key employees.

Provide Permanent, Affordable Insurance to Key Employees With a Split Dollar Life Plan

Want to enjoy the benefits of permanent life insurance at lower costs - and gain a powerful employee retention tool? SEFCU’s Split Dollar Life Insurance offers the opportunity to share policy benefits and expenses with key employees.

Both of you obtain permanent insurance at more affordable rates, while gaining a hedge against future insurability concerns. That provides an incentive for successful employees to stay with your company long term. At the same time, you may be able to use the policy’s cash value to meet business needs.

Choose the right partner

Because Split Dollar plans involve more than one person, it's important to get coverage from an institution that is sensitive to individual needs and to the tax and legal implications of each plan option. That makes SEFCU Insurance Agency the smart choice.

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