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Business Savings

Business Savings

A SEFCU business high-yield Savings account can do great things for your business. See which account best suits your purpose.

Get Business Savings with High Yields

Savings are the lifeblood of your business and SEFCU helps you save with a range of convenient account options: 

  • The basic Mint Savings membership account gives you access to all of SEFCU's products and services 
  • With a Preferred Savings account, the more you save, the higher your interest rate 
  • Our Preferred Plus account provides tiered dividend rates for businesses with over $100,000 in savings deposits
  • Owner's Choice accounts allow you the versatility of having up to nine additional Savings accounts for specialty purposes - like taxes or payroll - and you name the accounts anything you want.
  • Share Certificates offer flexible terms and great rates to help your business achieve your savings goals.

Whatever account you choose, you can access your Savings account via SEFCU OnLine, the Member Solutions Center, DIAL (our automated telephone banking option), or any branch. All these accounts offer overdraft protection as well. 

Open the Savings Option that's Right for You!