Top 7 Tips to Stay Secure on Your Summer Vacations

Summer vacations are right around the corner! Since digital threats can follow us everywhere make sure you keep your guard up so cyber criminals don’t spoil your well-deserved (and much needed) vacation!

Make sure your devices and web browsers are up-to-date 
WHY: To stay protected against all kinds of threats, make sure your laptops, smartphones, and other devices have the most current software before leaving for vacation. 

Don’t overshare on social media
WHY: Although it’s fun to post your pictures on social media in real time, you’re also letting everyone know that you’re not home. Keep these three things in mind if you’re going to post when on a trip: the audience who will see your post, what information you’re sharing, and what/who you’re leaving unattended during your absence. 

Keep your paper documents close 
WHY: Some documents, like airline boarding passes, contain personal information about you in the barcode so it’s important to keep paperwork secure while you’re traveling. 

Secure your Wi-Fi routers – then shut them down
WHY: You probably aren’t going to bring all of your devices with you when you travel, so make sure you turn off the ones you’re leaving behind. It’s harder to hack devices that aren’t available, plus you’ll save a few cents on our power bill

Don’t use GPS all the time
WHY: Not only will you save your battery, you’ll be more difficult for a hacker to geolocate based on your GPS position. 

Avoid USB outlets
WHY: Unlike a traditional plug, charging your device via USB could result in malware or other viruses being transferred to your device. 

Follow basic security hygiene
WHY: Make sure you encrypt your laptop, ensure your files are backed up or stored in the cloud, turn on your firewall, confirm your antivirus and antimalware applications are up-to-date, and use complex passwords.

In a nutshell, criminals don’t take vacations or let their guard down so you shouldn’t either. Learn more at SEFCU’s Security Section.