Timothy Butler, Why I Care Member Recipient


It should come as no surprise that Stephen Shea was voted “Most Generous” in his senior class in high school and 10 years later he continues to give his time and talent to make a difference.

After graduating from high school he joined a fraternity that shared similar values. He spent a spring break in West Virginia at The Shack Neighborhood House where he helped renovate locker rooms, a bathroom, and a nursery during the evenings, and then spent time with children mentoring and doing homework during the day. It was then, while he was contributing small acts of kindness, that he realized the difference each one of us can make and spawned his passion for helping others.

Now,10 years later, Stephen Shea continues to give back, volunteering his time for a number of organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless, and Uncle Shawn’s Hugs to name a few.