Sue Klepadlo, Why I Care Employee Recipient

Sue Klepadlo, Employee Recipient

The spirit of giving back is something that was instilled in Sue as a young child. Sue’s mother never knew her birth parents, but that didn’t stop her and Sue’s father from providing a loving home to many children. Sue, the oldest of 10 adopted siblings, followed the lead of her parents and she and her husband have provided respite services for special needs children and their families for many years and volunteer for organizations that support these families. Additionally, Sue has been a volunteer for 25 years for Cradle Beach Camp, an organization that “focuses on empowering children with special needs and the underserved to become their best selves.”

Strong bonds in Sue’s family have allowed her to share her love of volunteering with others. Her husband is also an active volunteer and one of her favorite volunteer memories is when she volunteered at a food pantry during Christmas week with her family. She says having the entire family at an age when they were learning life lessons about the spirit of giving was very special.

In addition to volunteering for Cradle Beach Camp, Sue has also contributed her time to The Family Help Center and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.