SEFCU Initiatives

The local communities that our members call home are the heart and soul of SEFCU. We've dedicated ourselves and our resources to helping your community grow and thrive. At SEFCU, we back our community spirit with active support for the local causes and initiatives that matter to our members. Here you can learn more about SEFCU's community spirit - and how it makes an impact every single day for our members and their communities.

Program History
For decades, SEFCU's Community Support Program has helped change the lives of people in the communities that the credit union serves. Over the past few years, our Community Support Program has transitioned and our charitable efforts have evolved into SEFCU becoming one of the largest philanthropic organizations in upstate New York. While our approach has changed over the years, the one thing that remains constant is our unwavering commitment to make a positive difference in the communities we serve by providing the gift of time, talent, and treasure.  

Since the inception of Banking with a Purpose in 2008, we have assisted thousands of organizations by providing them with needed funds for programs and services through sponsorships and grants in all four SEFCU regions.

Our contributions are not limited to serving financial needs. Through educational opportunities, mentoring programs, and community service, we also provide the love and attention necessary for every person's personal growth.

Ultimately, our pride comes from a different source: making a difference in the lives of others. It is the kind of caring you'd expect from your credit union.

Community Activity & Contribution
How does SEFCU meet the needs of people in our communities? Through a wealth of fundraising events, educational opportunities, mentoring programs, and community service - all designed to help our regions' residents fulfill their purpose. The results have been substantial: since its beginnings, the Community Support Program has contributed more than $14 million in financial support and logged thousands of hours of community service.

Community Commitment
For many people just getting to a financial institution - let alone finding one that meets their needs - can be a challenge. That's why SEFCU is deeply involved in serving those whose financial needs often go unmet. Most visibly, our involvement has led us to open branches in neighborhoods like Arbor Hill in Albany and Hamilton Hill in Schenectady. From those branches, we use a wealth of programs to help our neighbors achieve financial success:

  • Our financial educators conduct frequent seminars on basic banking, saving, budgeting, managing credit, and other topics to foster financial literacy and wellness 
  • We help members save more by giving them an alternative to check cashing: a free Checking account with Direct Deposit
  • Our employees involve themselves in local churches, community action programs, Boys & Girls Clubs, rehabilitation centers, and other organizations
  • Banking programs in schools help youngsters learn the importance of making regular deposits

By helping all of our members achieve their dreams, we make our communities stronger. And by making our communities stronger, we help build a better world. It is hard to imagine a higher calling for a credit union.