Financial Wellness Series: Pursuing Economic Stability – for ages 18+

This series is focused on guiding teens to build financial skills for real-world experiences. Themes include employment, financial tools, budgeting, and setting goals.

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Build a Better Budget
Recommended for ages 18+Learn to build a budget that supports current needs and wants, along with a foundation for financial independence and future goals. Identify budget techniques and methods that work for YOU, and explore ways to manage spending and savings in relation to current income. Principles of categorized expenses, mindful spending, record-keeping, and organizing money are integrated throughout this robust discussion.

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My Vehicle to Freedom: How to Navigate an Auto Purchase Without Getting Lost
Recommended for ages 16+
Apply a planned buying process to identify needs and wants in making an informed automobile purchase. Compare earnings to vehicle cost and identify guidelines for using debt responsibly.

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Paying for Higher Education
Recommended for ages 15-18
Explore costs related to funding higher education. Navigate the financial aid process (FAFSA) and develop strategies to pay for college.

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Fraud Prevention: Isolating Your Personal Information and Side-Stepping Scam
Learn to identify ways to protect personal financial information from scam artists and identity thieves. Explore the tactics used to steal an individual’s identity, information, and money.

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Your Credit Score:
How to Repair, Maintain and Build Up a Credit Score

Recommended for ages 18+
Create a plan to develop positive financial habits to build a positive credit score.

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Home Buying 101
Recommended for ages 18+
Become familiar with the roles of the real estate agent, home inspector, loan officer, buyer, and seller. Get tips related to the property, transaction, the move, and advantages/disadvantages of home buying.

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Keeping it Financially green. How to live simply.

Keeping It Financially Green:
How to Live Simply

Recommended for ages 18+
Join a conversation that explores a mindset of owning, buying, renting, low-cost experiences, and how to develop fun habits to prioritize easy living, financially green.

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Navigating Retirement with a GPS: Growing, Protecting and Saving Your Funds for Retirement
Recommended for ages 18+
Explore common ways to prepare for retirement, along with an introduction to the basics of wills, trusts, and social security earnings. Topics will help in understanding the importance of early planning for retirement.

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Understanding and Managing Credit
Recommended for ages 18+
Explore how to manage credit responsibly, obtain credit, and the meaning of credit scores and credit reports.

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Positive Conversations with Youth: How to Establish Healthy Financial Habits for Life

Positive Conversations with Youth:
How to Establish Healthy Financial Habits for Life

Recommended for ages 18+
Learn about financial checkpoints, key questions to explore together, and techniques for action-oriented discussions.

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Tackle Your Debt
Recommended for ages 18+
Develop an effective debt pay-down strategy. Gain an understanding for debt levels and reflect on what is considered good debt and bad debt.

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