Nick Liporace, Why I Care Member Recipient


Although Nick Liporace is employed full time by the American Cancer Society (ACS), his passion and commitment to give back to the community goes way beyond a 40-hour work week.

Nick got started volunteering with the ACS in 2005, participating in his first Relay for Life event. Over the next decade he grew his team, joined planning committees, and raised thousands of dollars to benefit cancer research. Nick was recognized as a top volunteer, and selected by the ACS to attend an international conference of volunteers. He says that experience changed his life and was inspired to make fighting cancer his career. Now as Community Development Manager for the American Cancer Society, Nick works tirelessly to raise money for cancer research and awareness of the disease.

While Nick selflessly gives his time, he does admit there have been some positive outcomes for him as well. After inviting co-workers to attend a charity event with him, one in particular continued to attend year after year and even joined a few planning committees with him. That co-worker is now his wife and they have been happily married for more than two years.

Nick is also proud of high school and college students he has mentored who have gone on to join various committees and participate in non-profit events and carry on the mission of the ACS. One student in particular, Kelsey, is now leading the longest running Relay for Life in the Capital Region.