New Mastercard Credit Card

SEFCU is upgrading to Mastercard® Credit Cards!

Frequently Asked Questions

SEFCU recently completed the upgrade to Debit Mastercard and beginning in late-summer, the credit union will begin the upgrade for all of our credit cardholders. As part of the upgrade, members will enjoy enhanced benefits, chip technology, Apple Pay™, rewards that you can earn for using your card, and much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving your new Mastercard

Q. Why is SEFCU upgrading from Visa® to Mastercard®?

A. We are upgrading your credit card to offer more benefits to you! And, with the upgrade you can take advantage of the additional benefits that chip technology offers.

Q. What do I do with my Visa Platinum Credit Card?

A. When you receive your new Mastercard in the mail, call the number on the sticker to activate it, notify any merchants that you have automatic payments with (like insurance premiums or gym memberships), and then destroy your Visa card.

Q. I didn't request a new card so why did I receive a new Mastercard?

A. SEFCU recently upgraded all of its debit cards to Mastercard and is now upgrading all credit cards. Any member with a current Visa Credit Card will receive a Mastercard Credit Card with a new number.

Using your new Mastercard

Q. I have recurring/automatic payments set up with my Visa Credit Card. What do I need to do?

A. You need to contact the payee and provide them with your new SEFCU Mastercard Credit Card information, including your card number, three-digit security code, and expiration date.

Enhanced benefits

Q. What additional benefits will I enjoy with my new Mastercard Credit Card?

A. There are a number of new benefits associated with the Mastercard Credit Card. Use the chart above to learn which benefits you can take advantage of with your new card.

Enhanced technology

Q. What is chip technology?

A. The card's chip contains encrypted information that makes it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited. Chip technology is currently the standard in 80 countries around the world and it has now come to the United States.

Q. Does chip technology change how I use my card?

A. You can still use your card online and at retailers to pay for purchases. When using your card at a merchant that has a chip-friendly reader, you will place your card inside the reader for the duration of the transaction. If the chip reader isn't available, you will swipe your card as you do now.

Q. What about Apple Pay™?

A. Apple Pay will be available as soon as you receive and activate your upgraded Mastercard. Once your Mastercard is activated follow the instructions to add it to Apple Pay.


Q. What rewards can I earn with my new Mastercard Credit Card?

A. Every time you use your SEFCU Mastercard Credit Card you'll earn one point for every $1 that you spend. Points can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, cash back, and much more. See the chart below for a sample of what you can earn depending on how much you spend with your SEFCU Mastercard Credit Card.

Reward Categories SEFCU Mastercard with $20,000 spend you'll earn: SEFCU World Mastercard with $20,000 spend you'll earn:
Travel $200 $400
Gift Cards $150 $170
Merchandise $150 $170
Cash Back $200 $200

Q. What happens to the Preferred Points I earned with my SEFCU Visa Credit Card?

A. Previously earned Preferred Points will carry over to your new SEFCU Mastercard account. These points expire four years after you earn them so make sure you keep an eye on the expiration date and redeem them before that.

Q. How do I check my Preferred Points balance?

A. After the upgrade to Mastercard you can log in to SEFCU OnLine as you always have to check your balance and redeem points.

Q. Do the new Preferred Points I earn with my upgraded Mastercard expire?

A. No, points earned with your new Mastercard never expire so you can cash them in as you go along or continue to accumulate them and redeem them for a really big reward.

World Mastercard

Q. What is the difference between a SEFCU Mastercard and a SEFCU World Mastercard?

A. Both cards come with low Annual Percentage Rates, great benefits, and rewards. As you can see from the chart above, there are some additional benefits to the SEFCU World Mastercard, most having to do with travel.

Q. How do I get a SEFCU World Mastercard?

A. Members will be automatically considered for a SEFCU World Mastercard based on several factors including credit history and an average spend of $10,000/year with the SEFCU Mastercard.