Malissa Pilette-McClenon, Why I Care Member Recipient


While the Director of Development and Marketing at YWCA-GCR is a full-time, paid position Malissa Pilette-McClenon says it often feels more like volunteering. Between the long hours, competing priorities, and small budget, Malissa finds herself giving more and more to the job. And, because she is fully committed to improving the lives of women and children at YWCA-GCR she is making her life’s work a family affair.

Just a few month’s after becoming a mother, Malissa took advantage of YWCA-GCR’s progressive policy of bringing children to work, sharing her office with a high chair, pack ‘n play, swing, and other baby toys to keep her son, Tyler, occupied during the day. Malissa hopes that young mothers at YWCA-GCR see her as a role model as she strikes a balance between motherhood and a career. Malissa has carried on this same tradition after her second child, a daughter named Riley, was born a few months ago.

Because of the demands of her job, Malissa and her family have started spending quality time at YWCA-GCR by volunteering. She is proud to say her children are beginning to understand what it means to give back and help those who don’t have the same opportunities.

Between her full time job at YWCA-GCR and as a mother, her free time is limited, but she is proud of what she has accomplished. In the past four years she has grown YWCAGCR Resourceful Women’s Luncheon by nearly 500% in both attendance and dollars raised, and is pleased that this event honors and recognizes so many deserving women who are making a difference every day.