Make Sure Your Vacation is Scam Free!


Security Tips

As you start to count down the days until you hit the beach or travel abroad for your summer vacation, make sure you are taking steps to ensure that your dream vacation doesn’t become a nightmare.


Do some research

  • Before booking, get recommendations from family and friends on good travel agencies, vacation rentals, and travel packages. 
  • Look up travel companies, hotels, rentals, and agents with the word “scam,” “review,” or “complaint.”
  • Look for additional costs. Resort fees (also known as destination, facility, and amenity fees) can add $50 or more to your nightly rate.
  • Ask about taxes, which may be significant depending on where you’re going.
  • Understand the cancellation and refund policies before you book.
  • Bring copies of any confirmation details that show the rate and amenities you were promised.

Don’t pay for “prize” vacations
No legitimate company will ask you to pay for a prize so if they insist, make sure it’s really a prize that you won and they aren’t trying to scam you.

Understand the terms
Make sure you fully understand what you’re signing before you do. If someone tries to rush you without giving you time to consider the offer say “no thanks.” 

Use a credit card
If possible, use a credit card for your travel spending. This gives you more protection than paying by cash or debit card. Check out SEFCU’s credit cards

Protect your identity
When traveling there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you and your information remain secure. 

  • Take only the IDs, credit and debit cards that you need and make copies of the ones you bring. That way if your wallet is lost or stolen you’ll know exactly what was lost.
  • Make a copy of your insurance card and bring that.
  • Protect your mobile devices and personal information from hackers.
  • Lastly, enjoy your vacation!