Katharine Colliton, Why I Care Member Recipient


As a freshmen in high school Katharine Colliton started volunteering at a nursing home as part of a “pay it forward” project assignment for English class. Little did she know that project would result in more than seven years and 6,000 hours of volunteer time at Van Rensselaer Manor Nursing Home.

During her first few years as a volunteer at the nursing home, Katharine played board games and visited with residents, but over time her involvement grew and now she attends concerts and plays, and goes on picnics with the residents, even singing during the church service on Sunday. Katharine said it’s hard to measure the impact she’s having on residents, but realizes the importance of the time she’s spending with residents – whether watching Jeopardy!, painting fingernails, or enjoying some time outside.

Katharine is grateful for the experiences she has had as a volunteer and believes getting involved has helped shape her into the person she is today.