James Murynec, Why I Care Employee Recipient

James Murynec Employee Recipient

The importance of volunteering is something that was instilled in James Murynec by his parents as a youngster, and has spent more than 20 years donating time around the holidays to The Santa Claus Club where he wraps presents, planned and prepared routes for gift delivery, and has even filled in for the big guy in the red suit when needed!

While James has been very active in many community events and non-profits – also volunteering for the American Heart Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Toys for Tots to name a few – James is more of a silent hero who always steps up when help is needed.

In June, James literally “stepped up” and volunteered for all 13 shifts (nearly four hours) of SEFCU’s “Stand to Honor” ceremony where he and other volunteers stood on raised platforms for 13-minute shifts to represent the 13 folds of the American flag that the families of fallen soldiers receive. When asked why he volunteered for all 13 shifts when most people only choose one or two he said “My dad was a Vietnam veteran and very proud of his service so this made me think of him,” said James. “When you think about what people in the military do, standing for a couple hours really pales in comparison.”